Assignment 2: tutor feedback & reflection

My tutor’s feedback on assignment 2 can be found here.

My assignment dealt with the feelings associated with a creative block and to this point, my tutor offered the following advice:

“My experience when faced with uncertainty in photography and underpinning ideas is that we tend to get around these problems proactively by engaging in the decision making process by stepping forward with creative processes. Engaging with the world of image making as a series of iterative stages is far more productive than trying to design images solely from our imagination.”

I think this is an important point: about just doing something creative and expecting nothing in particular, but relying on getting there iteratively. Perhaps there’s also a lesson about the subconscious making itself known through the creative process, but it’s important to give it a chance – otherwise I get stuck.

There are some specific points in the feedback which I need to internalise:

  • Avoid use of obvious symbols and consider how ambiguity might be more interesting – some of my images leave little to the imagination
  • Think about use of text (or not) and making a reasoned choice
  • Think about use of narrative as well as symbols. I have to admit that in my desparation to get something done, I completely forgot about the narrative aspect. I will try to incorporate this into assignment 3

For my next assignment, my tutor suggests the following:

  • Allow time to explore a range of alternative solutions within your chosen [area?] and analyse these to deduce the most profitable outcome
  • Keep one eye on your research which can inform your own creative practice
  • Look to use processes where you might not always be in full control over the outcomes
  • Consider alternative forms for your images alongside the images shat you show on your blog

I believe that I demonstrated a number of these points more in EYV than in the current subject especially the use of research and using processes such as movement where I am not always in full control of the outcomes.

In my planning mindmap for assignment 3, I have incorporated some of these points so that (hopefully) I don’t forget about them.




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